The Trust

65 %

65% of patients have trust deficit with healthcare systems around the world.


38 %

Patients receive wrong treatments with no access to outcome based quality and cannot rely on “Price, Referral & Online Reviews” as a proxy for clinical quality because there is no correlation.


65 %

Patients don’t know cost of treatment which often leads to financial catastrophe as a result of seeking care.


the dots

Surgery Aggregator

Similar to a hotel aggregator platform, here, a low-risk patient can select elective surgery and travel globally or locally for best outcome at a competitive price & prefers to pay out of pocket. Platform enables patient to Search, Compare & Book an elective surgery offered by competing providers and make decision based on price, location, facilities & amenities with metrics which supports transparency on coverage, quality & outcomes.

Healthcare RFQ

Similar to a freelance marketplace platform, here, a high-risk patient (complex case) is open to travel outside the local network for best outcome at a guaranteed price (no surprise bill). Platform allows a patient to post medical requirements with health records to receive accurate quotes directly from global and local providers, providing detailed estimate with metrics which supports transparency on quality & outcomes.

Employer & coalition have the ability to generate RFQ for a volume purchase for surgeries & receive a deep discounts through collective bargaining along with data that supports transparency.

What Patients Say

Kelly: Gallbladder Surgery - Price Comparison helped to pay out of pocket

Pain was so severe that ER asked her to get surgery. Without health insurance she used Surgery Aggregator platform and received transparent and competitive price from a hospital within 28 miles from her home.

Blair: with high deductible plan used Surgery Aggregator to book surgery

Diagnosed with endometriosis which required hysterectomy. With HDHP insurance plan used Surgery Aggregator to book surgery from a high performance center saved her 22%.

Oluwayomi from Nigeria: Quote for hip replacement - Medical Tourism

Needed advance surgery options outside Nigeria. Using mySvasth RFQ platform shared medical information directly with leading hospitals globally and made decision based on cost effective package & transparency.

Chelcle: Small business self-funded employer used RFQ to buy surgery packages for employees

The company is a startup with 72% women employees under age of 35. Used RFQ platform for volume purchase of maternity packages (Natural Delivery & C-section) in a deep discount.

About mySvasth

mySvasth (dual platforms) Surgery Aggregator and Request For Quotes (RFQ) for Healthcare services, solves transparency in healthcare which has been a fundamental trust issue around the world.

It connects patients directly with healthcare providers with no middleman involved and makes patients incharge to compare and shop for healthcare services based on cost, breakdown of services, type of facilities & amenities and with metrics which provides transparency in quality outcomes.

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