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Why healthcare facilities & providers should join mySvasth platform?

Consumers Trust Deficit has increased
Revamped payment models, personalized medicine & competitors have become financial disrupters
Drop in inpatient utilization - operating room usage & inpatient admissions
High operating cost, 90 days account receivables & interest on borrowed capital are hurting hospitals


Directing patients to cost effective & high quality of providers

Access to patients outside local network with ability to promote new practice

Maximize capacity usage through guaranteed payment with no coinsurance or deductiables to chase

Onboarding In 4 Simple Steps

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Select Service

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Step 3

Submit For

Step 4


Select Capabilities

Surgery Aggregator

Provider can create bundled package for low-risk patients where they can Search, Compare & Book an elective surgery and make a decision based on price, breakdown of services, location, type of facilities & amenities with metrics which provide transparency in quality and outcomes.

Healthcare Request For Quotation

Lead management dashboard gives provider an ability to track and submit quotation for a patient who has posted his/her medical condition to receive quote with a treatment plan.
The platform also allows quote submission for employers or coalition who are seeking collective bargaining for volume purchase of healthcare services or surgeries.

Payments made simple

Set your own price

Pick your own price. We have tools to help you match local demand or outside the network. Have questions? Get In Touch

Pay low fees

No cost to sign-up and no annual licensing fee for the first year. Minimum percentage on booking & on total bill which is lowest in the industry. Have questions? Get In Touch

Get paid quickly

Once surgery/ healthcare service is booked we pay you by PayPal, direct deposits or other available methods. Have questions? Get In Touch

About mySvasth

mySvasth (dual platforms) Surgery Aggregator and Request For Quotes (RFQ) for Healthcare services, solves transparency in healthcare which has been a fundamental trust issue around the world.

It connects patients directly with healthcare providers with no middleman involved and makes patients incharge to compare and shop for healthcare services based on cost, breakdown of services, type of facilities & amenities and with metrics which provides transparency in quality outcomes.

Healthcare Provider

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